My Commitment To Chaffee County Residents

I PROMISE to represent all citizens of Chaffee County to the utmost of my ability, always and in all ways. I have a desire to keep Chaffee County the best place in Colorado for your family and mine. 

I believe that your county commissioners should be the first line of defense in advocating for the citizens of Chaffee County, and not the special interest groups. 

Responsive and clear communication on all issues, especially those concerning the safety, growth, and economic development is of the utmost importance. As your commissioner, I will make certain YOUR interests are represented, not the special interests. All BOCC positions and decisions need to be clearly and openly justifiable, and simple to understand. 

We are so capable of coming together and defining what this community will look like now and in the future. 

As your candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner, I look forward to personally introducing myself to you, my fellow Chaffee County citizens. My values concerning life, safety, business, and security are clearly demonstrated by what I have accomplished so far in my life. 


We Need To Address

  • Sensible economic policy and responsible use of revenues

  • Attainable and affordable housing

  • Property rights, including water, and making sure the comprehensive plan does not erode those rights

  • Preservation of our Constitutional rights, especially our 2nd amendment rights

  • Continued access to our federal and state lands for all users, and fight back against all attempts to restrict our access to our land

  • Complete support for our police and first responders. I am all about law and order 


My Work Experience

Ranching - In 1983 I was born in the rock house on our family ranch. I spent my life on the back of a horse working cattle and sheep on our 2,000 acre ranch as well as spending my summers on 95,000 acres of forest service and BLM land in the mountains pushing sheep and cattle.  Coming from a Colorado ranch family, I understand agriculture and ranching issues.  My family and I ran thousands of sheep and close to a thousand head of cattle.  I am extremely proud of the ranching family in which I grew up.  My grandfather built a cabin on our cattle range that stands as a monument to him to this day.

Professional Athlete - As an accomplished competitive world downhill mountain biker and skier, I have a solid connection with the need for residents to continue to enjoy and have access to public lands.

Small Business Ownership/Experience - I am now a 37 year-old, single mother of two fantastic young men. When it was necessary to support myself and my two boys, I was at one point in time a waitress.   I was determined to be the best I could be in the world of business.  By means of determination, persistence, and a lot of hard work and time, I started my own successful business as a fashion and custom-design jeweler.  Then I went on to become a personal trainer, a personality coach, and a realtor.  As a result of being a successful business entrepreneur, I understand small business issues quite well.

Real Estate - I got my real-estate license and began working with my father in our family real-estate business while also working alongside my brother in his company, R Investments.  I know full-well the
importance of and struggles around codes, zoning, and regulations.

Security -  In 2017, out of necessity to provide security and safety for R resident clients and team, my brother and I started R'k Angels Protection Group, which is a high risk security company. Many of our properties are high risk communities that experience above average levels of crime. These are difficult neighborhoods and properties, yet families still need a place to go and often the only thing they can afford are these low income properties.  Once we purchase these properties, we immediately move in to reduce the crime rate and help ensure the families have a sustainable environment to live in, and a safe place to call home.

Management - As the Director of Asset Protection for R'k Angels, I developed and trained diligently to fine tune my skills with firearms, as well as developing my skill to work with many different demographics of people.  Running this high risk security company is inherently dangerous.  Today, I manage the PR and Marketing for R Investments which allows me to interact with the people we care so much about, as well as the amazing individuals that make up our team.

Helping with the Chaffee County Common Ground project on the Kelly Ranch

With R-investments client employee.png

My Platform

 My life has been about providing safety to others as well as inspiring others to reach their greatest potentials. 

As Commissioner, it is my desire to Inspire, Empower, and Elevate our community.  I have always worked to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.  Coming from a long time ranch family, as well as a company that is changing the lives of veterans, homeless and former felons, I understand hard work.  I will need to hear from you, the Chaffee County citizens.  I want to know what direction I can help lead our county government in order to positively affect small businesses, employers, employees, ranchers, farmers, and families.

Attainable and Affordable Housing

Chaffee County MUST find an answer to the ongoing problem of service workers and low-income earners struggling to find truly affordable housing.  This will be one of my main focuses, and I am determined to do whatever is necessary to help solve this problem.  I have spent years working with my brother Travis' national company, R-Investments.  His company and associate companies are making a big difference in the lives of low income/vets/homeless by means of what Travis calls Conscious Capitalism. His companies are teaching the investment community through their actions that they can make a profit while putting people First!  Although R-Investments Company will not be coming to Chaffee County when I am elected to the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners, Travis is willing to provide counsel and resource information to help actualize low-income, affordable housing in our community.

R-Investments Company properties are largely located in some very dangerous areas around the United States. Because this was of great concern to me, I decided to meet the challenge by running my brother’s security company, R’K Angels Protection. This company protects its low-income resident families who live in the distressed sections of cities. I required my staff treat the families with love and respect, even if things got tough. Everybody mattered.  That will indeed be the case in Chaffee County under my watch as county commissioner.

R-Invest kids 2.jpg

Chaffee County Government Must Be Simplified

A foundation of my platform is to simplify government by getting rid of burdensome regulations and giving those who innately know what they are doing in their own business, the freedom to operate without government interference. The people create the business, not the government. So let’s get government out of the way of the people so they can thrive, recover create, and grow their businesses!
The video from the RNC features my brother and other beautiful Americans who stand for “Government by the people for the people”!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwAxwFOUQnA&feature=youtu.be&t=88

For the people by the people.png

Our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights Must Be Protected

It's not about AK-47s.  It's about protecting the 2nd Amendment. The amendments in our U.S. Constitution are all about our freedoms.  And the 2nd Amendment is probably the most pressing Constitutional issue in Chaffee County.

US Constitution.png

The Comprehensive Plan MUST Be Transparent and Truly Representative of the Actual Chaffee County Citizens

Let’s talk about the Comprehensive plan!  Who are the stakeholders and why are we in a hurry after we just went through and still are going through the COVID shutdown?  Please take a look and listen to my Comp Plan video.

This plan was considered officially by the county planning commission during 1998 and 1999 as a series of informal workshops and formal public hearings in accordance with state statutes. Under Colorado law, the Comprehensive Plan is an advisory document and is not regulatory in nature. Its importance is to provide the policies needed to guide updates to Chaffee County’s development regulations. For the plan to become reality, the county will need to adopt a variety of regulatory (e.g., new zoning provisions) and non-regulatory tools (e.g., cluster development incentives). This plan is designed to be used in conjunction with other county and town planning documents. It is an important tool in helping citizens control their future. More specifically, it is designed to serve as a guide for revising local development regulations and review processes, reviewing development and annex.

Comprehensive Plan must be.png

IMPORTANT announcement‼️
YOU CAN VOTE FOR ME no matter what town or district you call home in Chaffee County!!  Please don't be confused!!  Click on the link button below and I will explain.


Get in Touch

Face to face meetings lead to a more honest conversation. It's not about who's right, it's about what's right and I am willing to hear all sides in order to find the truth and the best choices for our County.  To those who are truly interested in my voice and my heart as your future County Commissioner, you can come to a public meet and greet! I can make sure we put you on the list for an invite.  My Site is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Interactive Facebook Posts:  https://www.facebook.com/HannahforCommissioner/


(719) 850-1130



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Remember, if you are a registered  voter anywhere in Chaffee County, you can vote for me.  I look forward to being your new Chaffee County Commissioner.  I will work determinedly and tirelessly to represent the wonderful citizens of our county.  Chaffee County Citizens Matter.